About Magic Town Midway

Hi, I’m Janine & I live in Sheffield. Welcome to the Magic Town Midway blog.


Magic Town Midway is the name of my Etsy shop, a fun and convivial magical midway! A cabinet of wonder. A menagerie of the marvellous. A super sideshow of intriguing curios and quirky knick-knacks. Plus a coruscating carnival of cards and vintage ephemera. You get the idea!

That’s right, the bric-a-brac shelves are fully stocked with specially selected vintage treasures, and there are curious old cards from a bygone age on the spinning rack, so follow the link below and feel free to browse! The shop is also home to the world famous (not really) Dilys Treacle Treasures greeting cards, a quirky & colourful range which I (somewhat sporadically) design & publish myself. In the coming months I will also be stocking up the shop with some exciting new art works, so watch out!

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Vintage fun stuff
This is the kind of fun stuff you can find in my shop!

This blog is where I regularly share photos and information on new stock coming into my shop, plus a bit of anything else I like too. Stuff I like includes vintage design, wine, train stations, mid century architecture, social history, old toys, art, pigeons, day dreaming, The Troggs, taking photos, collecting shopping lists, lasagne and chips, Paul Nicholas from Just Good Friends, weirdness, the seaside, ephemera, peanut oreo chocolate bars, drawing, ceramic cats, plants, old cinemas, picture postcards, staring into space, collecting stuff, old slides, procrastinating, sleeping, eating, watching shit TV… Etc Etc Etc all the usual stuff. If this is your sort of thing too then do feel free to join me!