Craft and Flea at Sheffield Cathedral

Here are a few photos from the Craft and Flea, which was held at Sheffield Cathedral at the end of May.

Craft and Flea

The Craft and Flea is a local makers, artists and collectors fair held in Sheffield, Bristol, Newcastle and Hull throughout the year. This was only the second time the fair had been held in Sheffield.

Sheffield Cathedral
Inside the Cathedral

I’d only been inside the Cathedral a couple of times before. It was a brilliant setting for the fair, nice and light, plus there was loads of space. There is also a lovely coffee shop called 1554.

Traders setting up for the day
The Magic Town Midway stall, all ready to go at the Craft and Flea. Sadly I found that neither of my table cloths were big enough for the table and I had to use them both sideways to cover it!
Shopping at the Cathedral

There were over 40 different makers, artists, and vintage traders taking part in the fair.

A brilliant setting for a fair. It was busy all day and lovely and sunny too.
Here I am on my stall!

You can find out more about the Craft and Flea and future events over on their Facebook page >>> Craft & Flea Facebook page. The next event in Sheffield is on Saturday 29th September.

I like this photo I took right at the end of the day. Love the way the sunlight is beaming down through the stained glass windows!

End of the day

If you get the chance to pop into the Cathedral for a look round then I really recommend it. There are loads of interesting and historical things to see!

Sheffield plaque.

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Magic Town Midway at Rileys and Co.

I moved into Rileys & Co a couple of weekends ago, and my space is still a bit of a work in progress at the moment, but I’m really pleased with how it looks so far.

Magic Town Midway

My Mum made me some cool bunting to decorate my display shelves.

Bunting made from a bark cloth curtain.

Here are a few of the first bits of stock I took in…

Mugs, mugs, mugs! Children in Need, Incredible Hulk, Staffordshire Potteries, classic Have a Break pedestal mugs, and Barmy Bananas!
Wooden pineapple dish…

Stuff for your walls! A selection of pictures, plaques and wall hangings.

The set of two 80’s prints with mint green frames are really different to stuff I’d usually choose for the shop but I love the graphic-style illustrations.

I’ve got a little collection of novelty money boxes for sale, a selection of different sized plates to mix and match, and some drinking glass sets. In particular I love the set of two ‘You & Me’ glasses with gold rims.

Vintage ceramic money boxes. Far right is an R. Moss design, they produced lots of different novelty money boxes.
Classic glasses. Fruit flutes, You & Me frosted set with gold rims, and a fun set of three novelty glasses with fizzy pop / red & straw design.
Vintage plates… mix & match

Look at this vinyl bird apron. Every garden bird imaginable on one bird table, probably not really a very natural scene, but one I love nonetheless! The magnificent starling is my favourite bird of all time.

Vinyl Bird Apron

This is a bit of a random curio, a candle holder in the shape of a rabbit’s house. Based on a real rabbit’s house, I am sure!

Rabbit’s house

I’ve added loads of things, too many to show here, so if you’re in Sheffield then I recommend a visit to Rileys & Co for a good look round. There are loads of other spaces filled with all manner of treasures, including antique, vintage, retro, handmade, recycled furniture, arts and crafts, rustic garden ornaments… and of course there is the lovely Rileys & Co cafe to visit too, which sells the best cake and coffee!

More Magic Town Midway stuff

Lastly, the craziest thing in my unit at the moment is this wicker snake with a forked tongue. You can put pot plants in the holders, there’s space for five. It would look good with some bushy plants or trailing ivy, and when it’s stood in your conservatory I think there’ll be a lot of envy from your friends and fam.

Wicker snake plant pot holder – one of a kind

Check out and follow the Rileys & Co Facebook page here >>> Rileys & Co

More cool stuff for sale in my online shop here >>> Magic Town Midway Etsy shop



Magic Town Midway is Expanding!

Exciting news!

Magic Town Midway coming soon to Rileys & Co.

I’m going to be renting a dealer space at my favourite vintage shop, Rileys & Co, just off Abbeydale Road in Sheffield.

Rileys & Co

I’d been thinking for ages that it’d be good to have a real-life Magic Town Midway shop space, as well as my Etsy, and now it’s coming true!

‘The space’. Looking very minimal on the day I went to view it.

I popped in a couple of weeks back to view a vacant area, and decided to take it, so I’ve been busy since then trying to source some display shelves, and finally got two sets delivered earlier this week.

New shelves. The stool isn’t mine btw.

Got loads of stuff to sort out before I start taking stock in at the end of the week. Think I’ll be spending the rest of the week washing and pricing things!


Guide to Easter Decorations 2018

The vintage hand-painted Easter Eggs and chicks from my Etsy shop were featured in a ‘Complete Guide to Easter Decorations’ article in The Telegraph at the weekend. Here are some screen shots from my phone!

Your Complete Guide to Easter Decorations. Article from The Telepgraph, Saturday 17th March 2018


Excerpt from the article…


Vintage Easter Decorations

Link to the original article on The Telegraph website. It’s a Premium article (of course!) so you have to register if you want to view the whole thing >>> Your Complete Guide to Easter Decorations

Happy to say the decs have now been sold (just in time for Easter!) but here are a few better photos of them, they’re really cool!

Wooden Easter egg decorations




Fluffy haired chicks


Wooden Easter Bunnies


Vintage wooden Easter decorations


Vintage wooden Easter decorations in all their glory!

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Steel City Treasure Hunt 

Had fun last Saturday, searching for treasures round the Sheffield charity shops with my friend Zaz!


Zaz came over from Stockport for the day so I laid on a special guided tour around my favourite charity shops in Woodseats, Crookes and Broomhill. We found some really random things, such as these delightful framed ‘Canals’ and ‘Trees’ pictures! Weird or wot?

Charity shop randomness

Check out this excellent decoupage dog. And also the unusual artwork (bottom right) …I still can’t work out what it is!

Charity shop madness

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good handmade card, and this is one of the finest I’ve ever seen. It was only 45p.

The Gratitude Otters

We went to Rileys & Co for lunch. I’ve been loads of times before but I’d never tried their cake.

The entrance to Rileys & Co. on Farrar Road

…The cake did not disappoint! I chose the carrot one and can recommend it highly. Zaz had a cheesecake which she also said was excellent.

In and around Rileys & Co.

I like how all the menus in Rileys cafe are pegged inside vintage books. This was the one on our table…

Num Num and his funny family

There are so many cool things in Rileys…vintage and retro homewares, clothes and accessories, antiques, paintings and artwork, plus a selection of locally handmade crafts.

Zaz in Rileys & Co.

Rileys also has a cool outdoor toilet. A proper old-fashioned one at the bottom of the garden! I love it!

Backyard toilet

There’s a retro mod cafe next door called Okeh Cafe. It has a jukebox and amazing 50s diner interior. Sometimes there are loads of cool scooters parked outside.

Me outside Okeh Cafe (next to Rileys & Co.)

Here are some of my treasures collected over the course of the day. The Dallas Simpson print and funny owl coasters are destined for the Magic Town Midway shop, but I don’t think I can bring myself to part with the brown bear money-box!

Dallas Simpson print, drunken owl coasters and brown bear money-box with googly eyes.

Also look at these amazing things Zaz gave me. A soap with a frog from Bomb Cosmetics, and the best bottle opener ever! Yes, a seal. Thanks Zaz!

Seal with a bow, and frog soap.

Sheffield Antiques Quarter

Rileys & Co



Happy New Ear!

I picked up some vintage fuzzy felt just before Christmas, and even though it was destined for the Magic Town Midway Etsy shop, I couldn’t wait to have a little play! I had quite a few fuzzy felt sets when I was little and spent hours creating stuff! This is the ‘Play School’ edition and the sheet inside is dated 1960. It’s in pretty good nick considering how old it is. The only problem was that I couldn’t find enough Y’s in the box to complete my New Year’s message for Instagram! Oh well! It still looks good anyway don’t you think?!

Happy New Ear!

I love the graphics on the box, and some of the instructions on the sheet are so dated it’s ridiculous. The sheet refers only to a male child throughout!? I do love all the little pictures of the full range of fuzzy felt sets on the other side though, it makes me wish I had all of them!

Play School Fuzzy – Felt
More fuzzy – felts! Love the ballet and jungle ones best.

If you love fuzzy felt too, this set is available from the Magic Town Midway Etsy shop, and not only that, but you can save 30% off the usual price until the end of January. Hooray! Happy New Ear!

Visit the shop for more photos and info – Vintage Fuzzy – Felt


Etsy Made Local Sheffield 2017

I had a great time at the Etsy Made Local Christmas market earlier this month! It was a two-day event running from the 2nd – 3rd December and was organised by Sophie, Jayne and Rob from the Etsy Sheffield Team. It was the first fair I’d done in ages, so I was really excited about it.

In and around the Cutlers’ Hall

The market took place at the Cutlers’ Hall in Sheffield city centre. I’d never been inside before. It’s so ornate, I really loved it. You wouldn’t think it was so grand from the outside.

Stained glass window at Cutlers’ Hall

All the previous fairs I’ve done have been craft fairs or trade shows selling greeting cards, so it was my first outing into the real world with Magic Town Midway.

This way for Etsy Made Local

It was good to meet customers face to face and find out which sort of things seemed to sell and which didn’t. I was surprised that I sold very few of the Christmas items I took for some reason, even though there was a very festive vibe and Christmas songs playing all day to get people in the mood! You can never tell what will take people’s fancy though! Here I am at my stall…

The Magic Town Midway stall!

Of course I took way too much stuff with me, and had the same amount of stock again under the table in boxes!

Vintage things! That Mike Read mug didn’t go!

One of the items which attracted the most attention was this celery jar. Lots of people picked it up and said things like ‘No wayyyy my Great Aunt Mary had one of those!’. The little squirrel nutkin brush seen below was also a firm favourite with everyone who saw him, although he didn’t manage to find a home.

Mr Celery, Squirrel Nutkin, Crazy Clown and Fruit Cat, guarding the stall.

Here’s a brilliant photo by Heather Isobel Photography of the Etsy Sheffield stallholders, gathered on the grand staircase just before we opened on the Saturday morning.

The Etsy Sheffield Team, photo by Heather Isobel Photography

And this is my photo.. taken all the way from the back of the group!

My photo of Heather taking the photo of us!

The main hall was very grand and perfect for a Christmas market. It got very busy, especially on the Saturday.

The main hall. My stall is on the right hand side. Photo by Heather Isobel Photography

Rob manning the stall…

Customers browsing at my stall! My assistant Rob stands by, ready to, well, assist.

I love this next photo! So happy that Mr. Celery found a new home in time for Xmas! 🙂

The lovely customer who bought Mr. Celery from my stall. Photo by Heather Isobel Photography

There are so many talented artists and makers in the team, not to mention vintage sellers too! Check out the Sheffield Sellers on Etsy site here for more info and links to all the traders who took part in this year’s event.

Look at these beauties I got from fellow vintage seller Laura at Grey Day Vintage. Aren’t they fab! Loads more cool things in her shop too, so have a look!

Fun things from Grey Day Vintage

Hopefully there will be another Etsy Made Local hosted in Sheffield next Christmas. Follow the Facebook page to stay tuned, and for info on events running throughout the year.